WhatsApp Verification Code Scams

WhatsApp Verification Code Scams

Watch out for this scam, which is pretty simple.

Hackers get your WhatsApp ID and request a verification code to reset your password which you receive. OK.

Next one of your contacts on WhatsApp (who has, unbeknownst to you, already been hacked, and so it is actually a hacker communicating with you) send you a message trying to persuade you to share that verification code with them.

If you send them that code then they will change your password and gain access to your account.

So what happens after that?

Well the hackers will then try and compromise your friends' accounts by pretending to be you.

They will also try and use your personal data to hack your email or your banking apps!!!

They might even contact your friends and ask for a loan!! Do you have good friends?? We can think of a couple of friends here that might well send money to a new account without verification, just based on friendship.

BEWARE!!! Hackers have no morals and will take everything you have.



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