Remote Control of your Computer - Beware!!!

Remote Control of your Computer - Beware!!!

If anyone claiming to be from a bank or a repair company or a broker or a security company asks to take control of your computer with software like Anydesk, Teamviewer or similar, if you do not know them well already, is a scammer. Never ever allow them to have access to your desktop, especially in connection with banking or transferring cryptocurrency or any othrt kinds of funds.

This is the favourite method for scammers to operate as it means that people are unsure how their money was transferred and the scammers will often do different things just to confuse such as transfer money into cryptocurrency or download unnecessary crypto wallets (wallets to hold cryptocurrency within) etc.

Always have your PC or Mac firewall running and never install any software that anyone claims is antivirus or antispyware etc.

If you are unsure then please call 01184027979 whilst they are on the phone and we will guide you through free of charge.

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