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Watch out for Bitcoin System and Bitcoin System 2.0 scammers sites popping up all over the place!

This site here is a perfect example:

The site pertains to be representing a fabulous new way to become rich quickly, easily and without risk. 

Now most of you will have instantly recognised this as something that just does not happen. Money is not given away easily as it would make currency worthless. Unfortunately not everyone is aware that people offering riches for free may not be completely genuine.

Any here enter the world of the scammer. A person who will tell any lie required in order to illicit money from people who cannot really afford to pay. People who have received money from benefits or parents and do not understand it's worth.

You can see from this video the extent of the problem:

As you can see the actual content of the video and accompanying site is utter nonsense but if you are desperate and afraid, especially in light of the recent madness that has gripped the world, would you be tempted to invest only $250 USD to see if you could make your fortune.

The website itself is of a similar vein:

Once you have entered your details however, and made your deposit, they know that you have access to funds and an online bank account. From that moment on you will inundated with calls promising you wealth beyond your dreams from people, ostensibly, operating out of your own country with your accent. They will promise you that the wealth you were promised is a reality and that the more you invest, the more quickly you will become rich. These are the offshore, unregulated brokers.

Once they have your trust and conviction they will ask to take control of your PC or Mac and, with your help, transfer your funds into an Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. From there you will be directed to a site that purports to have a balance resembling the amount of money you just transferred out of your account. In reality your money has been transferred between many cryptocurrency wallets by now and is effectively untraceable. The balance you are looking at is a phantom conjuration meaning nothing and with no facility to transfer and withdraw other than going through the motions on a screen.

This is the scam - robbery in place of trading.

By the time you have realised what is happening they have shut up shop, got a new domain name, and opened up another bitcoin xxxxxx scam site elsewhere.


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